Services will be streamed on Facebook Live

The Governor’s Executive Order bans gatherings of 50 people or more and the President’s advice suggests no gatherings over 10.

I don’t think that is wise to continue to assemble for the next few weeks for three reasons: (1) The risk to people in your church from exposure to someone carrying the disease; (2) the impact of you having service in defiance of the warnings of the President, Governor, and Public Health Department; and (3) the reasonableness of the request to slow down the spread of the virus. New York reported it first confirmed case on March 3, now there are 1,000 confirmed cases in New York. The Center for Disease Control believes the actually number is now 10,000.

I hope you understand the hard decision that we had to make. If there is anything that we can help you with please contact us at:


Phone (607)233-0814

We have also set up online giving for your convenience.

Also you can request a copy of the audio file by email. Thank you