Audio Sermons

Who is Jesus? By Pastor Matt Smith 1-13-19

What Team Are You On? James 4:1-10 By Pastor Matt Smith

Why I Don’t Seek After Sign Gifts! Mark 16:15-20 By Pastor Matt Smith

When you ask Why? By Pastor Matt Smith

Spring Revival 2017

Judgement of the Nations by Pastor James Alter

Apologetics By  Pastor James Alter

Christian Home/Marriage By Pastor James Alter

King James Bible and Salvation By Pastor James Alter

What Is Christian Charity By Pastor James Alter

Four Men (Sunday School) By Pastor James Alter

Galatians Series (Saved By Grace Kept By Grace) by Pastor Matt Smith

Paul’s Message From The Risen Christ Gal. 1:1-5

“Gospel Perverts” Gal. 1:6-10


Sermons on The Bible by Pastor Matt Smith

Don’t Let Go Of The Sword!!!

KJV#1 Why Only One Version of The Bible

KJV#2 Removing The Smoke Screen (manuscripts)

How We Got Our Bible KJB

King James Bible or New King James Version

Missions Conference 2012 “For God So Loved”

“God So Loved” By Pastor Matt Smith

Missions Conference Bro. Angelo Sunday School

Missions Conference Angelo Serino Sunday Morning

Missions Conference Pastor Dan Smith

Missions Conference Pastor Frank Donnelly

Missions Conference Bro. Mike Newburger

Special Music

Missions Conference Music Kelly Newburger

Missions Conference Music Sheila Serino

Revival July 2012

“Making it Personal” by Bro. Blain Warner

A Living Sacrifice by Bro. Blain Warner 2

“Sit out, Stand out, Run out, Fight out” by Bro. Matt Sutton

“What did the Samaritans see?” by Bro. Adam Riverio

“The happiest place on Earth” by Bro. Adam Riverio 2

“Revival meeting will soon be over” by Bro. Travis Smith

In The Beginning (Series through Genesis) By Pastor Matt Smith

Bible or Evolution Genesis chapter 1

The First Attack On Gods Word Genesis Chapter 2-3

“Lamb of God or Lie of Satan” Genesis Chapter 4

“The Only Salvation From The Wrath of God” Genesis 6-8

“Confusion” Genesis 10-11

Don’t Waste Time Genesis 12

Who Voice are you Hearkening To? Genesis 13-14

When a Believer Believes God Genesis 15

What Are You Laughing About Genesis 16-17

Never turn Back Genesis 18-19

Sodom Gomorrah and Binghamton Genesis 19 (fathers day)

Cast Out and Put On Genesis 20-21

Abraham Offers Isaac- typology Genesis 22

A Bride For Isaac Genesis 24

Dig Another Well Genesis 26

Miscellaneous Sermons By Pastor Matt Smith

Gods Word Is True – Proving Gods Word

Look And Live Each One Reach One Numbers 21

Five reasons to tell of Hell Luke 16

Bedlam or Bethlahem

What Are You Addicted To ICorinthians 16:15

Are you busy doing Gods Work John 9

Thank you Mom For Packing My Lunch (mothers day)

But If Not Faith

“The Holy Ghost” Are you filled with The Holy Ghost? John 14 & 16

“The Glories of Heaven or The Horrors of Hell”

Sin of Self Righteousness” Parable of Pharisee and the Publican

Pauls Tips on Prayer Col. 4:1-4

Guest Preachers

Sermon by Pastor Dan Duhman

Resurrection Sermons

The Evidence part 1

The Evidence Part 2

Three Days Later Explained (10 minutes)

Nehemiah Series By Pastor Matt Smith

Bring The Book Chapter 8

Clearing Up The Reputation of Repentance Chapter 9

Because Of All This – Turning To God Chapter 10

Surrendering All Is Your Reasonable Service Chapter 11

The Christian’s Joy Chapter 12

Amnesia Chapter 13

Sermon series “The Blessings of The Faithful” By Pastor Matt Smith

The Faithfulness of God

Faithfulness In Soul Winning

Faithful To The Word Of God

Faithful to The Faith (Importance of Doctrine)

Sermon Series “Lets Dig Deeper” By Pastor Matt Smith

Meaning of the Miracles Part 1 John 2 “Water into Wine”

Meanings of the Miracles Part 2 John 4 “Nobleman’s Son Healed”

Meanings of the miracles Part 3 “Pool of Bethesda”

Meaning of the Miracles Pt. 4 “Feeding of Five Thousand”

Colossians Series “Pre-eminence of Christ” By Pastor Matt Smith

“Why Are You Suffering?” Col. 1:23-24

Pastor’s Wife Barbie Smith Ladies Devotion

Given at Bible Baptist Church in Norwich, NY

A Teachable Spirit