Meet The Pastor

barbI am Pastor Matt Smith. The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful wife, Barbie, and seven children. I grew up in Syracuse, New York where my father is the pastor of Buckley Road Baptist Church.

As a pastor’s kid I received Christ into my life and my heart at the age of six, but had no desire to be a preacher myself. After high school I intended on going into the army to serve my country, but God recruited me to a much higher calling in His army. It wasn’t until the summer of my sophomore year that I yielded to the will of God. That summer I went with my youth group to a preacher’s conference in Virginia called COEBA. While there, God began to work on my heart revealing the need for pastors, missionaries, and evangelists to preach to a dying world without Christ. He gave me a burden to see souls saved. It wasn’t until I got home from this conference that I got down on my knees before God realizing the years that I had wasted not serving Him. I knew then that God was calling me to preach the Word.