We encourage you to stand fast with your church as we strive together for the faith of the gospel of Jesus Christ in 2014.

“Stand Fast In One Spirit With Our Missionaries”


We introduced a new program at Lighthouse Baptist church on Wednesday night.

This program encourages you to chose one of our missionaries for 2014 to be responsible to pay special attention to that missionary. (read their prayer letters and let the church know of any special needs, dates or health issues that we can keep in prayer. You are also encouraged to write letters, give cards or care packages to your missionary.) We pray this will bring us closer to our missionaries and let them know that they are not alone.

If you didn’t make it to church Wednesday don’t worry we still have 7 missionaries that are up for adoption.

“Stand Fast In One Spirit Reaching Vestal With The Gospel”

Come join us Saturday mornings at 10:30am  as we attempt to place a tract and Gospel of John and Romans on every door in the town of Vestal in 2014. A map is placed in the foyer that tracks the streets that we have already reached in the past two weeks. If you are not able to make it on Saturdays you also have the option of taking some tracts and completing a street whenever you get the time.

Thank you for your help






Picture of Selah and Ellie help distribute tracts on doors 1/11/13